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Be a Boss in the Gig Economy:

Virtual Concierge Gig Economy Entrepreneur Founders

Virtual Concierge gig economy entrepreneur founders encourage you to be a boss. Likewise, join our platform to both sell and buy goods and services A-Z .

Join Drazen and Christi , your virtual concierge founders, to lower costs and improve your lifestyle!

Meet the Pfetch Team

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Virtual Concierge Founder: Drazen Cvijanovic, CEO

Generally, Drazen uses both sides of his brain equally.  Accordingly, this virtual concierge founder also consults primary contractors servicing Comcast and Spectrum, and Frontier.  He is a boss in the gig economy providing work-from-home internet access.

Consequently, Drazen applies lessons learned from the telecommunications industry to Pfetch. In essence, problems such as contracting, payment, and routing of customers’ connections are solved in the all-in-one app.

When every action, no matter how small, receives 100%, Drazen is confident we will be able to Pfetch anything, anywhere, any time!

Meet CLC


Virtual Concierge Founder: Christi Lewis Cvijanovic, COO

Christi is an artist, architect in FL, NJ, and certified full-stack developer. Notably, this virtual concierge founder is President of CIMA-DB. Unquestionably, her art and architecture roots from RISD, the ETH, and Columbia’s GSAPP resonates with her practice.  

Understandably, Pfetch is a place for people to privately experiment and discover.  Nonetheless, its AI learns in real-time and Pfetch sells no data.  Significantly, Christi has been designing new systems for the gig economy and WFH since 1999.  Christi is a boss in the gig economy inventing networks to improve data privacy.

Virtual Concierge Founder: Milos Tomic

Milos Tomic produces diverse software projects.  Early examples of his work include Turbo Pascal, Borland Delphi, and SQL.  Subsequently,  this virtual concierge founder made an EMF tool before attending the University of Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences.

Simultaneously, he is well versed in Unix/Linux system administration and networking, PHP, and C#. programming languages, Milos now advises Pfetch, Inc.  He is a boss in the gig economy servicing database centers.

Virtual Concierge Founder: Vladimir Ristic

Vladimir Ristic is a freelance architect and entrepreneur based in Belgrade, Serbia.  Previously, this virtual concierge founder was a graduate of the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Architecture.  Moreover, Vlada helped procure artifacts for the historic Yugoslavian architecture held at MOMA in 2018.

Undoubtedly, Vladimir Ristic understands the universal experience of servicing small and medium-sized companies and now advises Pfetch, Inc.  He is a boss in the gig economy, renting out several properties to tourists visiting Belgrade.

Zdravko Sokcevic, Acting CTO

Zdravko Sokcevic is an up and coming software engineer and developer. 

Significantly, a graduate of the University of Nis Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Zdravko works in Unix/Linux system administration as well as all Ionic and React prototyping MVP technologies.

Substantially, Zdravko has been stepping in since Covid when cofounders Milos and Vladimir had to refocus on their own businesses.

Pfetch, Inc. provides a barrier-free entry for women and minorities to more easily become entrepreneurs.  While being a virtual concierge for sole proprietors and society, we encourage invention and inclusion. See our mission page to learn more.  For example, we seek providers for microloan opportunities, grants, or sponsorship.  Pfetch envisions sponsors as friends, family members, or anonymous benefactors. Please contact us to learn more.

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