John Hancock Center Birthplace of Pfetch

185 North Michigan Avenue origin of the Pfetch app. What inspired the idea, a virtual concierge for entrepreneurs? Suddenly, we were floating above the clouds, living on the 81st-floor of the John Hancock Center in The Windy City. All was in order, profitable business, check, college tuition for our daughter, done, savings for a new home, covered. What could go wrong?

Previously in LA, the entire line at Phillippe the Original smirked overhearing my outspoken optimism about the relocation. “Why Chicago?” an eavesdropping patron turned to me and asked. “At least the Cubs won the World Series,” was my wistful response. Undoubtedly, on French Dip Friday, no one imagined how election Tuesday after the Cub’s victory would whiplash the nation. Some say into shape; others say despair.

The Limbo of Being Legally Unpaid

Consequently, we found ourselves in the clouds, totally blindsided, left legally unpaid until further notice. Unexpectedly, the 81st-floor apartment became a scene out of The Matrix. We were in this surreal environment, and the view out the window was infinitely white. All of a sudden, it was time to reload. Tragically caught off-guard, what equipment do we select? How do we prepare ourselves for this new reality?

The Mixed-Use Mobile App, Pfetch

Although we took the red pill, our pre-paid alternate universe at 185 North Michigan Avenue origin of the Pfetch app, was perfectly equipped. Undeniably, the functionality of the building aided our recovery with its extreme security, multifaceted shared resources, and logistical conveniences.

Above all, we imagined a safe, shared, and convenient app where all users mutually benefit. The following describes how the inspirational multi-use skyscraper, the John Hancock Center birthplace of Pfetch, is analogous to the multi-service app.

John Hancock Center East

Pfetch Back-End and Big John East Service Entry

Extreme Security and Peace of Mind

At 185 North Michigan Avenue origin of the Pfetch app, every visitor or user feels well protected, tended, and valued. Each program, function, or type of service in the mixed-use mega building has a specialized entry and exit. In one place, diverse users access a multi-sided platform (architecture) with exceptional security as service, the first Pfetch goal!

To begin, the heavily guarded and locked East access is strictly for deliveries and facilities off of Mies Van der Rohe Way. It is a hidden nondescript loading ramp and garage door, the least exciting user experience. Similarly, the back end infrastructure of Pfetch safely stores users’ verified “What,” “Where,” and “When” data. Under lock and key, pseudonymous encryption protects data, see our privacy policy.

John Hancock Center West

Pfetch Front-End and Big John West Public Entry

Secure and Welcoming

In contrast, the West plaza on Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile, is a famous shopping destination in the US. Customers, secured via CCTV, are enticed by an exterior stairway into a sunken outdoor piazza lined by restaurants. Moreover, an adjoining lower-level retail contains a post office, dry cleaners, and other handy services. Consequently, on Google Play and Apple, Pfetch is a free download for the general public, our welcome visitors. We hope to be as inviting as the John Hancock Center birthplace of the Pfetch app.

John Hancock Center South

Pfetch Provider Registration and Big John South Business Entry

Vetted Public Access

Subsequently, the building’s South face on East Chestnut St. joins the West front with a central street-level lobby. Primarily a welcome area for commercial clients, business guests check-in or have keycard access to the elevator banks. This central hall also has escalators down to the lower level retail plaza. Besides, there are shortcuts such as a backdoor to the Cheesecake Factory and a fob keyed residential entry.

185 North Michigan Avenue origin of the Pfetch app, identifies residents by their fobs and they discretely disappear through a nondescript door. Similarly, once a visitor requests a Pfetch booking, they become a vetted guest via identity verification protocols. Equally, providers go through a rigorous application process with federal clearance for House Call services. Therefore, the app itself functions as a gateway to protect general public business and consumer use.

John Hancock Center North

Pfetch Subscriptions and Big John North Private Entries

Elevated Privacy

On the North, Delaware Place has two private entrances. The first is an understated and well-staffed lobby for residential owners or their approved tenants. Further West, ticket bearers enter under a translucent awning to journey to the 360 Chicago observatory deck and Bar 94. A big lure is also The Signature Room at the 95th restaurant and The Signature Lounge at the 96th.

If you are wondering about the elevators, they do not take long traveling at 1800 ft per minute. Not to mention, the E-W axis narrow driveway and spiral ramp climb five stories to the heated parking garage.

Comparatively, on the app as well as the John Hancock Center, the birthplace of Pfetch, there are subscribing business tenants (providers) and individual tenants (guests). All registered users have access to their own private space on the Intelligent Calendar. Pfetch subscribers receive exclusive invitations, promotions, and deals as contributing members.

185 North Michigan Avenue, aka John Hancock Center

Pfetch=Portable Fetching, Thanks Big John!

Multifaceted Shared Resources

At 185 North Michigan Avenue origin of the Pfetch app, we were tenant residents treated as owners, and it renewed our energy. For example, we used shared resources such as the building’s fitness center, pool, and library overlooking Lake Michigan. Additionally, under a voluntary a stay-at-home order to conserve; once again, the building made it easy. With a grocery store on the 44th floor, we saved time and money preparing most of our meals at home.

Consequently, Pfetch offers group purchases to receive the same deals as larger competitors. Pfetch’s attention to users will improve their outlook with shared resources, the second Pfetch goal!

Logistical Conveniences

On the road to financial recovery, we made no nonessential trips or expenditures. We did have cheat days at the Cheesecake Factory; however, it was in the plaza level of the building! The John Hancock Center birthplace of Pfetch, had a post office, on-call maintenance engineers, and mentioned earlier the fastest elevators.

Everything being available in a minute uplifted our spirits. When the cloud cover cleared, we could see for miles. Likewise, we are confident users on Pfetch will breeze through their to-do list with great ease. Efficient and expedited service makes users feel valued with logistical conveniences, the third Pfetch goal!

Pfetch, a 360 worldview

Architecture has, for centuries, inspired people to see beyond boundaries. Pfetch was born where the horizontal skyline meets the vertical skyscraper as a call to action to renew and reinvent. Top-notch security, full concierge amenities, and excellent service kept us going. Pfetch, a virtual concierge for entrepreneurs, offers similar support and encourages all activities that give a boost toward achievement.

In summary, the John Hancock Center, the birthplace of Pfetch, directs and secures a diverse set of users. Similarly, the iconic building and the Pfetch mobile app celebrates its multi-service identity. Our app will have layers of security, access to shared resources, promotions, and deals conveniently available to entrepreneurs.

Pfetch a vista to secure your future, sign-up today!