The virtual concierge mobile app to help people save time, earn money and have fun without losing sight of our planet Earth.

Be your own Boss and Help Others

Find, Retain, and Offer services as you travel in person or online.

Goal Achievement

Understandably, people seek services to regain confidence and renew their sense of purpose.


Fundamentally, the world is still recuperating and will need therapeutic services to heal.


Naturally, fractionalizing terms for less frequent but more costly services will remove barriers.

About Us

Moreover, learn how an all-in-one building inspired the Virtual Concierge all-in-one app.


Frequently, people procrastinate services for themselves the most and need a nudge.

Privacy Policy

Most importantly, privacy tech lets the customer find any public provider anonymously.


Typically, one searches for exactly “what” we want. However, Pfetch proposes an array where and when one is available.


  • Allow general area location
  • Exact location provided by the user and never stored.
  • For online services Pfetch considers language an abstract location.


  • Search via time.
  • Coordinate with people around the world.
  • A patent-pending geo-clock designed calendar

The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

October 2, 1869- January 30, 1948

Seek Something → Say Something

Let us know what you need, want, or dream and we will Pfetch it for you.